Rural Auckland

Here are some good Day Rides in the outer rural regions of Auckland.

"The Karaka Run"                                                                                          

Auckland, Karaka, Waiuku, Mercer, Hunua, Clevedon, back to Auckland.

This is an outstanding circuit of South Auckland, head South down SH1 and turn left off at Karaka then go right over the bridge then head out to Waiuku township, the ride is through nice country rural roads with not too many cars. Waiuku has the Kentish Hotel which is great for a bite and plenty of parking, accommodation is also great there, head South out of town and there is another pub on the left, this road will take you to some back roads around an area called Aka Aka, then make your way to Pukekohe. You can by-pass Pukekohe but look for signs and head to Tuakau and then take the South road out of there which will lead to a bridge over the Waikato river, with beautiful back block riding. This is via Murray Rd and Mercer Ferry Road, the maps shows an optin through Pokeno which is not as scenic, but all roads will bring you to Mercer by the Waikato River where you can have a bite and beer at the Muddy Waters pub and gas-up if needed.

The next leg takes you out of Mercer to the North East up Koheroa Road, a great road where you feel you could be anywhere in New Zealand awayf from the big city. You then cross over SH2 where there is a bridge over, do a left just after the bridge, continue on and find the sign on the right that points to Hunua/ Lyons Road, there is then a right not far along that which will take you up into the Hunua Ranges and the small village of Hunua where you can get gas if needed. Just out of the small village do a right and this will take you through to toward Clevedon and through some forest. There are two rights along the way to do, but just flow the map below and you will get there. Head through the village of Clevedon, do a right at the round-about and just down the road on the left is the pub where you can stop for a rest, otherwise there are some nice cafes and shops to stop at in the village.

To get back to Auckland you head South out of Clevedon do a right onto West Road and then a left onto Brookby Road and then along Alfriston, do a right again onto Mill Road and that will take you to Redobut Road which leads to SH1 and back to Auckland CBD.

The total length is 183km with about 3-4 hours of riding and makes a great day trip. It's a great circuit of outer rural South Auckland with plenty of places to stop and rest, and you could also deviate through to Kawakawa Bay by heading East out of the road where the Clevedon pub is, but you will have to return to get back to Auckland. 

To get back to Auckland from Clevedon you could go through Whitford then back through the Eastern Suburbs as a re-entry option to Auckland City which is a nice small add-on.



"The Mountain View Run"

Waitakere via Mountain View Road, Kumeu, Riverhead, Silverdale, Devonport, Auckland.

A 122km outskirts ride heading out West, up through the Waitakere ranges, North to Kumeu and then up through the old highway to Silverdale, then back through the Northshore of Auckland and over the Harbour Bridge to Swashbucklers. This has some excellent viewing opportunities to see Auckland on a fine day, with the option to drop into one of West Coast beaches to hear the roar of the Tasman sea.



"The Woodcocks Ride"

Northshore Auckland, Riverhead, Helensville, Woodcocks Rd, Warkworth, Orewa, Browns Bay, Auckland CBD.

A good day ride up the Western highway, then across farmland to Warkworth, back down SH1 to Orewa and Silverdale to Browns Bay and back over the Harbor Bridge.