Biker Safety Tips

  Ride Smart ~ Read the Road

Basic Safety Tips          

  • Wear the correct safety gear leathers, boots, proper helmet, gloves.
  • Adapt your riding to the road conditions and weather conditions.
  • Avoid riding at night especially in poor and cold weather conditions.
  • Take regular rests and food if you are doing long rides, drink plenty of water.
  • Plan your route with your fellow riders to stay as a group.
  • Ride defensively and look well ahead in heavy traffic.
  • Check weather conditions before you ride.
  • Maintain your bike, check your tyre pressure regularly.
  • Ride with your fellow riders in mind and check on them.
  • Know where dangerous sections of road are located.
  • Maintain your bike to good standard at all times.
  • Ride in groups or pairs for safety.
  • Slow down at intersections, as this is where the majority of accidents happen.
  • Use precaution if you have never been down a new road before.
  • Be aware of foreign tourists in camper van not being used to left hand driving rules. 

If you need to gain more knowledge, skills and confidence contact one of our motorcycle riding schools for help.

Advanced Safety Tips

  • Ride in the middle of the lane so that you have safe movement either side.
  • Corner entry position is critical to the success of cornering.
  • Brake before, not during the corner, and with care.
  • Select the appropriate gear before you enter the corner.
  • Accelerate through the corner and lean as you accelerate.
  • Never overtake at intersecting roads.
  • Watch for diesel spills and gravel at intersections.
  • Maintain a good group riding structure and 360 degree awareness at all times.
  • Don't always rely on your mirrors, turn your head and make a quick check.
  • Look well ahead to predict any bumps, dangers and road conditions.
  • Watch for drivers who present a hazard either too slow, or too fast.
  • Know how your bike will react in adverse conditions.
  • What for objects on the road that may cause your tyres to slip, gravel, pine needles, clay, dead animals.
  • Avoid riding too close, or behind vehicles that obscure your view.
  • If you are at the front at the lights look left and right before you go to check any cars running the red.
  • Take particular care in built up highways and urban areas, reduce your speed.
  • At intersections where cars doing a right hand turn in front of you, watch the front road wheel to see if it moves the closer you get.
  • Watch out for no-way-out situations. i.e. Between a median barrier and a truck.
  • Be very careful around trucks, overtaking lanes and slow speed lanes especially down hills.
  • Watch for cars that do right turns on main highways and sit in the lane to turn.
  • Make a decision to rest if you are heading on a long trip and are tired.
  • When riding through canyons or mountains be aware of wind conditions that can affect your riding.
  • Expect the unexpected.

A number of items mentioned above are available on HighwayHeaven should you need to check them prior to your ride.

Important Motorcycle Safety by Auckland Transport                                           

Enjoy your riding and get to your destination safely. We recommend AA Membership for the long term benefits, including transport to the nearest garage if you break down. Clinic the icon below for further information.