Bike Racing

Bike racers are a breed of their own. In another world that most of us normal bikers see as speed freaks, time travellers or just demons of the tarmac and dirt. However they are of the same elk as all riders, just two wheel against the forces of gravity.

We are pleased to present a compilation of photos relating to NZ Bikes. 

I guess its not just about the bike when your a Shovel Head Drag Racing maniac?



Harley Drag Bike at Kumeu Show.

Classic Racing, Pukekohe.

' The Traub' ~ The World's most mysterious motorcycle, Circa 1917, of unknown origin.

Hand made pistons, gap-less cast iron rings, 80 cubic inch with side valves.

85mph+, 3-speed transmission, specialised internal and external shoe breaking system.

The unknown mystery motorcycle that now resides at 'Wheels through Time Museum', Maggie Valley, Northern Carolina.