Bikes and Bikers

Bikes and bikers are a mixed breed, that's what makes us interesting people, and with a common interest of enjoying the ultimate freedom on the highway. Nothing beats escaping the city, to a world of freedom and becoming part of the highway.

Who said gals aint bikers?

One of the lads at Daytona spotted a mean Custom Triumph Rocket.

A Kolorinn Kustoms creation fresh off the production line. Ph 021.041.7735

Just released, due NZ late 2014. The New Indian Scout, 2014 Model.

Down at the "Roadkill Cafe", somewhere in the middle of the USA, on Route 66.

Sportster Sidecar, sometimes the odd tidy land-crab turns up.

One of the lads was in the 'Spice Land' India last week, and took this shot of a single cylinder Royal Enfield.

Victory Hammer with custom T Bars, great bike for the tall and bigger riders.

A couple of keen riders out on a Spring Days run.

Wayno's Deuce @ Deuce Automotive, Northshore Auckland, with the new apprentice - Ph 09.948.1422 for an oil change.

When the worked Harley 103Ci is still in the customizing shop, one of your mates lends you a Triumph America for a 900km ANZAC run.

Some times black leather make a real difference, of course! Tahuna Pub, 2014.

Couching it after a short ride.

Biker gals on a day out, Street Bob and V-Rod.

Sportster and the Bay of Island's.

Biker gals at The International woman's Riders Day.

New 2013 Breakout Test Bike, outside Road and Sport, Hamilton.

Real Old Skool Bike, but still amongst it all at Northland Riders Run, 2013.

There are wedding rings and there are biker rings...

Celebrating the Biker World aint so bad ~ BOP Coastal Cruisers Run, 2013.

They reckon that food aint bad up North at the Northland Riders Triple-T Run!

Outisde that great Tauranga Fish Shop, on the Wharf.

HighwayHeaven Promo Gals at Farside Bar, Parnell.

Biker Chicks and Fellas in Parnell, March 2014.

T-Bird and Canadian Biker Shawn.

Planning the next party.

Bikes at Raglan Pub, 2013.

Down SH22 then at the Wainagro Pub, Jan 2014.


After a long run around East Cape.

Captain America.

Scream Machine.

V Twin Turbo 1/4 Mile Bike. (C/O Road and Sport Hamilton)

Custom Bike - Steve in PA, USA.

Hardtail, Imported from USA (Private NZ Collection)

Hardtail imported from USA.

Road King Bagger on NZ Run.

When your chain snaps the bike will stop, NZ Run.

Heading home.

Custom Bike at MAGOG Show.

Celebrating the big clean.

New 2014 CVO Breakout, one shiny piece of Kit.

Whangamata Beach Hop, Old Skool and still Rollin.

All good things have to start somewhere, the D&D Drag Shovel takes shape 2014.

Muscle and V Rod.

It all can't be black!

The ole Triumph Rocket 3, before the modern day rocket.

Old Skool Chopper at Kumeu Hot Rod Show.

Beautiful sounding custom Deuce, engine built by 'Moose'.(Now at KTL Cycles).

Darryl's Chopper, on 2014 Nomad MC Dice Run.

Mexican style Custom Street Bob for sale at Amp's, Auckland 2014.

Old Skool Pan Head, 1949 at MAGOG Show.